Ansarada Data Room

Ansarada is a data room that was created specifically for M&A transactions. This is something that separates it from other data rooms out there who offer a one size fits all approach. Also, it is welcome to see a data room that does not make sensational claims and try to positions itself as the best in everything. Let’s take a look at whether or not Ansarada has what it takes to handle modern M&A transactions.

Ansarada Data Room Review

After examining Ansarada, is clear that they do a lot to defend against outside threats such as hackers, virus, malware, and any other cyber attacks. While all of these sophisticated features are great and all, it seems that they are forgetting about some simple threats such as camera-based attacks. Given that corporate espionage is on the rise, if somebody really wants to get their hands on a specific piece of information they will go to great length to do it and simply taking a picture of the computer screen is simply not a problem. Some innovative data rooms allow you to take extra precautions against this with secure “Fence View”. This serves as a physical barrier between the user and the document and helps defend against this type of threat.

Even the granular access permissions exist more security features than to facilitate collaboration. Furthermore, the granular access permissions offered are not enough to handle the needs of modern-day M&A transactions. For example, some data rooms allow you to restrict not simply entire documents, but even some of the information that is located within the document itself. This comes in the form of secure spreadsheet viewing. Let’s say that you would like to upload an Excel spreadsheet into the data room, but you do not want certain participants to see the formulas that were used during the calculation. Secure spreadsheet viewing allows you to achieve the fine levels of granularity in order to conduct business in today’s environment.

Ansarada Review

An area that they need to work on accessibility. Currently, the data room can only be accessed from the desktop which is a problem because a lot of business is conducted outside the office. In order to keep up with the pace at which business is done, you must be able to access the data room on the go and you do not have this option with Ansarada.

While the prices for Ansarada appear to be average, there is a feeling of incompleteness. While it does attempt to occupy a particular niche in the data room market, it still has a long way to go. One of the reasons that business professionals like to use data rooms is because it gives them peace of mind and after using Ansarada there is not give you a feeling of complete security. For all of these reasons, it would be very risky to trust Ansarada with your M&A transactions. Once they fix all of the security flaws then they will really be on to something but as of today, they are not there yet.